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Single female Anna, 65 y/o, from Kharkov, looking for male, girls for . Women from Ukraine. Yes, i have hope in my heart. Hope lives in my soul. I lost a lot on my life and it will be not enough the whole book to tell about it but i am here not with the purpose to complain but with the purpose to find hapiness, love and understanding.. I think that person can fell in love in any age. I beleive in it and hope on it. If you read these lines and if something touches you if oyu are also alone write me back. May be we are relative souls..  
Your nickname: Anna_fine
Register date: 20-03-09 23:18
Last visit time: 24-09-22 21:49
65  y.o., female  from Kharkov,  Ukraine  
Anketa number: 485
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