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2018-02-17   People who gloried Ukraine


Haidi-Maria Stephanishin-Paper immigrated in USA with her parents from Western part of Ukraine being a child. Her father was born in Ukrainian village Yakimov. In 1980 she finished school in the city Saint-Paul (Minnesota state) USA. In 2006 Haidi-Maria became the 445th person who saw open space with her own eyes.  Having made two space flies, Haidi-Maria spent 27 days and 15 hours out of Earth borders. She made 5 came out in open space.  She spent 34 hours in the open space. The 29th of January 2007 Haidi-Maria visited Ukraine. She visited city Lvov and the 31st of January visited village Yakimov and Noviy Yarichev where her father was born and where live 16 cousins.

The 1st of February Haidi met president of Ukraine with Victor Yushenko. The 1st of February 2007 she got an Award of the Princess Olga of the third degree - it is state award of Ukraine for rewarding women  for outstanding merits in state, production, civil, scientific, educational, cultural, charitable and other spheres of public work.