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2013-03-25  16.02.2013 new married couple Dan and Elena


   Elena and I had our first meeting February last year in Kharkov via Atlantida. Our
first date was real good. It was the start of something good. I had limited time, so
I had to go home to Norway, but we corresponded almost every day via Atlantida. Our
second meeting took place in May. We lived together in apartment centre city of
Kharkov. We enjoyed each other company very much and had a very good time together.
She let me meet her family and I would like for her to meet my family as well. She
accepted my invitation to Norway. We had 3 lovely weeks together in Norway. We went
sightseeing in Oslo, spent time with my family in Bergen. Elena liked Norway,too!
We decided that the next step would be to apply for her to come and get married. We
had a fantastic wedding in Bergen February 16.
Elena & Dan

P.S. The staff of International marriage agency Atlantida wishes to Dan and Elena true happiness
and many many years together in love and harmony. We are proud of our married couple! Be lucky,
 be healthy and wealthy!
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