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2010-03-14  Euro-2012


Two Countries – one team

The representatives of the hosting cities from Poland and Ukraine agreed to help each other in preparation to "Euro-2012" on their meeting in Kharkiv

On Audust, 22 there was a truly significant event, thanks to which we have the opportunity to solve really important problems, which stand on a way of the proper preparation to Euro-2012. The representatives of all 8 hosting cities amended the Declaration of the creation of "Euro-2012" Cities council and made a commitment to each other to cooperate in managing tasks UEFA gave.

The list of members of the meeting from the Polish and Ukrainian hosting cities:

- Kharkiv mayor Michail Dobkin

- DCH group president and the general investor in Kharkiv preparation to Euro-2012 Aleksandr Yaroslavskiy

- First Deputy Minister, The Head of EURO 2012 Coordination Agency Illya Shevliak

- Acting manager of the Head Euro-2012 administration of the Kyiv city Council Yuriy Golushka

- Aide to the Deputy of Lviv mayor on Euro-2012 Volodymyr Kryvenko

- Aide to the Deputy of Poltava mayor Aleksandr Rusin and others. Polish representatives:

- PL 2012 director Marcin Herra

- Micha? Prymas, Vice-President of EURO Poznan 2012

- The director of Championship Secretariat in Warsaw Anzhei Cudak

- responsibles for the championship holding from Gdansk and Wroclaw Opening the meeting Michail Dobkin said that the city council and the team which unites the local authorities and the main investor – DCH group works as the one mechanism. Thanks to this cooperation Kharkiv has done a lot of work which was highly valued by the UEFA committee. "The attention during the city preparation to Euro-2012 is focused on the main objects of the infrastructure, on the dealing with all remarks, made by UEFA President Michel Platini and on solving the problems, which we stated to the President and Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine", - said Kharkiv mayor.

Aleksandr Yaroslavskiy, in his turn, highlighted that in spite of the fact that the money from the state budget hasn`t come yet, all works on the stadium are going right on schedule or ahead of it and on December, 5 – the planned deadline, the stadium will be totally ready. Commenting the President, who vetoed the low about the football championship financing, actions, Aleksandr Yaroslavskiy said: "I don`t care which fund will give the money. The main thing is that Kharkiv gets the real money." The investor has also noted that Kharkiv is preparing to Euro-2012 very actively and if it was in other way, the city wouldn`t invite Polish guests.

The Head of EURO 2012 Coordination Agency Illya Shevliak, on his side, guaranteed that there will be no troubles with financing from government and the country will hold the championship on a highest level: "There are no problems, the financing is going, Ukraine carries out all obligations it has on main infrastructure objects for today".

Ukraine and Poland agreed to refuse from rivalry and to work on solving all given tasks in cooperation. The exchange of expertise, experience, joint development of projects of construction and reconstruction of the championship are provided. The meeting members added their intentions to the Declaration on the Council of the City «Euro 2012»:

- To organize the cooperation on realization of UEFA requirements about the preparation of infrastructure of hosting cities to the final part of Euro-2012 on the basis of openness and trust at all levels, project management training for the championship held under the motto «Two countries - one team»

- To provide the one informational policy and to fight the cases of manipulation of public opinion;

- To provide the exchange of information on the status of the Euro 2012 cities, to exchange of experts », - says, in particular, the document signed by authorized representatives of all hosting cities.

Summing up his visit to Ukraine, PL 2012 director Marcin Herra said: «I would like to say that this place is really worthwhile to come». According to him, impressions of the trip to 4 Ukrainian cities «are the best» and visit of Europeans to our country during the Euro 2012 will be useful in the sense of the destruction of stereotypes. «In Europe there are a lot of stereotypes about Poland and Ukraine. These stereotypes are strongly entrenched. But when you come here, especially in Kharkiv, you realize what a wonderful and very beautiful country you`re visiting», - noted Mr. Herra. With specific regard to the Euro 2012objects, Polish functionary pointed out the stadiums in Kharkiv and Donetsk. RSC «Metalist» surprised him with the high gear of reconstruction.

PL 2012 Director has also noticed Kharkiv preparation to Euro 2012. During his visit to RSC «Metalist» Marcin Herra said: «Today, we told a lot of good right words. And it is very important that Kharkiv is a city in which the word goes with an action and is put into practice. UEFA appreciate good words, but for the League good deeds are more important. I would like, for example, that in Poland the roads were built as quickly as in Kharkiv».

The first results of joint work of Ukraine and Poland will be concluded in January 2010, when a similar meeting will be held in Wroclaw.



FC "Metalist" press-office