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My messages


1. Question: How to send a messages?

1.1. Answer: First open profile of user to which you want to send message. Then click to "Send message". Type your text and click to "Send".

2. Question: How to delete message?

2.1. Answer: Click on “My messages” mark by tickle necessary message and press “Delete”.

3. Question: What is the "Send me kiss"?

3.1. Answer: "Send me kiss" is a simple way to show your sympathy to user. First open profile of user to which you want to send a kiss. Then click to "Send me kiss".

4. Question: How the user will receive my message and where I can receive answer?

4.1. Answer: The user will receive your message at our site. The answer you will receive in section of "My messages".

5. Question: How to read a new message?

5.1. Answer: Click to "My Messages" then choose the folder and view your new messages.

6. Question: I want to send a photo in message, how can I do it?

6.1. Answer: You can send only text messages! But you can upload new photos to your "Photo Album".

7. Question: What is the "Negative"?

7.1. Answer: If you do not want to communicate with the person you can move ignored user and messages to "Negative" folder. You can move ignored user back to any of your folder. The moved user to a "Negative" will not know about it.

8. Question: How much I need to pay to send messages?

8.1. Answer: All letters which you send are for free.

9. Question: How to view messages, which I have sent other users?

9.1. Answer: All of your sent messages you can view in "My Messages" section (only if you have not deleted these messages).

10. Question: I have received the strange and suspicious message. What I need to do?

10.1. Answer: If you have received the strange and suspicious message, please be vigilant and inform about this message our "Support service info@atlantidaagency.com!



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