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2009-08-23  OLGA (Ukraine, Kharkov) & HEIKO(South Africa, Pretoria)


OLGA (Ukraine, Kharkov) & HEIKO(South Africa, Pretoria)


This is our couple Heiko and Olga. Heiko, lives in South Africa, Olga is Ukrainian lady. Heiko

visited Ukraine, Kharkov city 2 years ago. It was August 2009. They acquainted with Olga is under

 assistance of our international marriage agency in Kharkov "ATLANTIDA". Heiko stayed in

Kharkov during 4 days. They met each other and liked each other very much. They both were very

serious about the development of realations and common life. After this, Heiko invited Olga in

South Africa. She visited this beautiful country 4 times and finally they got married. Their

wedding was celebrated on 23 of August 2011. Olga and Heiko are both happy and our marriage agency

 Atlantida wishes them many, many happy years of common life in the future, sincere feelings,

warmth, cloudless life and the best and the sweetest emotions. Be happy! Be Lucky! Be healthy!

Also Heiko and Olga send their gratitude to friendly team of Atlantida agency for support and


Warmly, OLGA & HEIKO